Vaamoz is a subscription based lifestyle app that provides tons of offers and discounts. It eases the process of going out and shopping on your favourite websites across all categories available in day-to-day life. It is a one-stop shop for everyone and our goal is to make the expensive life affordable and approachable to every consumer. Post detail research we observed that many customers hesitate to enter an elegant restaurant/salons/spa etc. just because they presume its over priced and hosting a celebration at this place would burn a hole in their pocket. Here we plan an important role by breaking this dilemma and was started with the intention of making expensive things affordable.

Our mission:To prove an affordable and hassle free lifestyle experience to all

Our vision:To create a future where luxury meets affordability

Our goal:Think discount, think Vaamoz. We have endless categories under one roof. Some of them are:Go food Go spa Go salon

We work primarily on 2 models namely Go Out and Go Online.

Go out:With multiple brands already on boarded with us, you can now have an endless supply of deals at some of your favourite places to wine, dine and unwind. The sky is the limit. And that’s not it; you can also earn some exclusive V points to continue your saving streak.

Go Online:With multiple online brands that provide top-notch exclusivity, help yourself with some bling or even just a health check-up from your most trusted online brands. That’s not all; you can now save a ton of money and get rewarded for it. The best part about all this is that it comes at an extremely affordable price of which the details can be found on the app.